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You’ve probably arrived here from our own Brettell Family History pages.   If not, you can follow this link to reach them.

There’s a Brettell One-Name Study web-site which you might care to look at.  It’s actually a study of one particular Bretell family, originating in Birmingham and moving to London (Shoreditch) at the start of the nineteenth century.

Most English Brettells (though not, I think, our part of the family) originate from the West Midlands, where there’s a Brettell Lane named after the family.

There seem to be a number of academically impressive Brettells in the United States:   Caroline Brettell, Professor of Anthropology at the Southern Methodist University;  Richard Brettell, Professor of Aesthetic Studies, and Karen J Brettell, teaching German, both at the University of Texas;  Laurel Brettell, a pianist on the staff of San Jose State University.

Back in England, Debbie & Jeremy Brettell run a mail-order service for the Smooth-Haired Daschund Club.

There are plenty of web-sites posted by Brettells around the world:

Mary Brettell from Australia (author of the One-Name Study site above) has her own idiosyncratic site.   Meanwhile, in the United States you might try Striper Fishing with Steve Brettell, or finding out more about Fulham-born Julie Brettell, a singer-songwriter.

And of course there’s a wealth of other sites on the web to help you with your Brettell and other genealogical researches.

Do you know of other good sites to add to this page?   Please e-mail me if so!

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