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some notes by P John Partington


 JOHN CLARK  (bef. 1677 - 1730)

John Clark(e) married Sarah (surname unknown).  They had ten children:  Ann born in about 1692, John in about 1693, Sarah in about 1694, Mary in about 1695, another Sarah in about 1697, Elizabeth in about 1698, Katherine in about 1699, Patience in about 1700, King (date unknown) and John in about 1702.   Sarah died in March 1717 and John in January 1730.


THE CHILDREN OF JOHN  (bef. 1677 - 1730)

John’s first child, Ann, was born in about 1692.  Nothing further is known of her at present.

John’s second child, John, was born in about 1693 and died later that same year.

John’s third child, Sarah, was born in about 1694;  she died the following year.

John’s fourth child, Mary, was born in about 1695.  Nothing further is known of her at present.

John’s fifth child, another Sarah, was born in about 1697.  She died on 6 February 1706 in Austrey.

John’s sixth child, Elizabeth, was born in about 1698.  Nothing further is known of her at present.

John’s seventh child, Katherine, was born in about 1699,and his eighth, Patience, in about 1700.  Both died within a year of their births.

John’s ninth child, King, married another Sarah (surname unknown).   They had five children:  King born in about 1728, John in about 1730, Timothy in about 1732, Sarah in about 1735 and William in about 1738 (details below).   King’s date of death is unknown;  Sarah died in January 1767.

John’s tenth child, John, was born in about 1702.  Nothing further is known of him at present.


THE CHILDREN OF KING  (bef. 1711 - aft. 1736)

King’s first child, another King, was baptized in Austrey in Warwickshire on 11 July 1728.  He married Mary Paul in Tamworth on 21 February 1757, and had two daughters:  Elizabeth born in about 1757 and Sarah in about 1759.   In 1757, the year of his marriage, King, a “yeoman of Austrey”, leased “a messuage and land in Austrey” for a year to “Joseph Paul of Bolehall, tanner, and Joseph Kingston of Nuneaton, carpenter”.  He died in 1760.

King’s second child, John, was baptized at Austrey on 5 November 1730, and his third, Timothy, on 29 December 1732.  Nothing further is known of them at present.

King’s fourth child, Sarah, was baptized at Austrey on 9 October 1735.  On 24 July 1754 she married Joseph Mousley at Merevale, and they had a daughter, Sarah, born in Sheepy Magna in 1758.

King’s fifth child, William, was baptized at Austrey on 10 November 1738.   Nothing further is known of him at present.

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