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There’s a good American Kimbell Genealogy On-line site, though much of its content is to do with “Kimballs”.

For general Kimbell sites, you might care to try the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas (I’m not yet sure where its name comes from:  can you tell me?).   And Kimbell’s Park in New Zealand looks promising – with its own ‘Kimbell’s Pub’ too.  (Now that really is named after one of our Kimbells, it seems:  Frederick John, who went for a few years to New Zealand.  A descendant remembers that he moved to New Zealand ...

... ostensibly as a medical missionary, but he never practised as such (only in emergencies), preferring instead to try his hand in the business of a sheep run at Three Springs at Timaru, South Island;  he wasnt very good at it, had a partner who defaulted, and finally gave up and moved back to Christchurch where he and his wife lived for the best part of twenty years until returning home in the 1890s.  ... Before leaving Timaru, FJ took part in the first exploration of the Mount Cook glacier ... and is recorded galloping on his horse to the relief of some poor neighbour in distress giving birth, ... but no mention of how he and family survived apart from organising the local horse-racing!

Back to the present day, it’s very good to know that Thomas H Kimbell has been released from Death Row in Pennsylvania.  A campaigning website was created for him by CCADP (the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty), and the details on it make me glad to be subject to English, rather than American, law.

On this side of the pond, Lucy Kimbell’s work sits on the boundary between art and business” – some very interesting stuff here.

There don’t seem to be many Kimbell home-pages on the web:

Jak Kimbells site at Bournemouth University warns:  No Tank Tops or Shandy Drinking Lightweights allowed any further.......(OK?), but as he appears not to have updated (visited?) his site since January 1996, Im not sure that we need be too afraid.

But of course there’s a wealth of other sites on the web to help you with your Kimbell and other genealogical researches.  Follow the link to see a few of our favourites.


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