Other Kimberlin families


My Kimberlin ancestors originate in Warwickshire –  follow this link to find out more about them.  Other Kimberlin families include:

1a)  A family of Kimberlins in Market Bosworth, some of whom later moved to Derby and then to Liverpool, Crewe etc.  These are close geographically to our own branch, and are therefore quite likely to be related, probably sharing a common ancestry with us in the seventeenth century and earlier.  Individuals include the following:

Nathaniel married Mary Owner on 16 December 1771 at St Michael’s, Coventry.  They had children baptized at Market Bosworth (hereafter M/B):  John on 16 October 1772, Thomas in 1776, Edward in 1779, Jane on 26 January 1781 and Ann on 2 January 1784.  Nathaniel was the innkeeper of the Wheatsheaf at M/B in his latter years.

    Nathaniel’s son John married Sarah and had eight children: Nathaniel baptized on 6 December 1795 in Upton-on-Severn (probably the Nathaniel “of Barwell” who married Sarah Pipes at St Peter’s Derby on 20 October 1816);  John in 1796 (dying the following year), Thomas in 1798, Mary in 1802 (who married George Prime in 1821 and had at least two children, including a daughter, Sarah Ann), Jane (who married Thomas Bailey in M/B in the fourth quarter of 1837) in 1805, Sarah (who married Joseph Hextall) in 1807 and Susanna (who married William Clynick at St Mary’s Hinckley on 23 September 1832).

        John’s son Thomas, born in 1798, took over the Wheatsheaf on his parents’ death, and married Catherine Smith.  They had eight children:  Ann in 1822 (who died in the first quarter of 1872, aged fifty-one), John in 1823, Thomas in 1826, Edward in 1827 (dying the following year), Mary Ann in 1829, George in 1833 (“possibly emigrated to America”), Jane in 1834 (marrying William Hartshorn), and Sarah in 1836.   Thomas died on 18 August 1838, whereupon Catherine succeeded him to the tenancy of the Wheatsheaf.

            Thomas’s son John, was born in M/B on 20 October 1823.  He married Ellen Dawkins (born 20 February 1833 in Sibson) and had eight children:  Lucy in 1863/4, Amos in 1864/5, George Edward in 1866/7, Rosa in 1867/8, William in 1870 (dying in M/B towards the end of 1872), Ellen in 1872/3 (marrying John William Skelton in M/B in 1895), Agnes T in 1874/5 and Edith in 1877/8.  In 1881 they were living at the Wheatsheaf in M/B:  John was an “innkeeper & farmer”.  Twenty years later most of the family were still in Market Bosworth:   John and Ellen with children Lucy, Amos, George E and Edith.  John died on 19 January 1902, and nine years later the census recorded Ellen living in Atherstone.  She died on 23 February 1918 and was buried with her husband at St Peter’s M/B.

                   John’s son Amos was born in 1864/5.  In 1881 and 1901 the census recorded him in M/B with his family.  His death is recorded on his parents’ gravestone:  “... Amos elder son of the above passed away December 6th 1916 interred at Vandergrift USA – ‘until the day breaks’”.

                   John’s son George Edward was born in M/B in 1866/7.  Unmarried in 1901, ten years later the census recorded him living in Atherstone.

                Thomas’s son Thomas was born in 1826. I n the first quarter of 1848, still in M/B, he married Harriet Elson.  A member of the family writes:  “His outcome is uncertain but the current thinking is that he might have deserted her and emigrated to the US”.

                Thomas’ daughter Sarah was born in 1836.  In 1868 she was teaching in M/B workhouse – a second-year probationer.  She married a David Palmer in 1869, and they later settled in America.

    Nathaniel’s son Thomas was born in M/B in 1776 and was baptized there on 2 August.  In 1796, when his father made his will, Thomas was in the army – in the 10th Dragoons and 23rd Dragoons.  He was married three times:   first to Ann Leedham on 19 January 1818 at St Werbergh’s, Derby.   Thomas and Ann had a son, Edward John, baptized at St Peter’s on 20 June 1818 and dying in the January of the following year.  Ann herself had died in 1818, and on 4 June 1819 Thomas married Ann Houghton, again at St Werbergh’s.   This second Ann died in May 1831, still in Derby, and on 31 October 1831 Thomas married Mary Taylor in St Peter’s Derby.  They had two children: Nathaniel George born in 1832 and Charles Thomas in 1835.  In 1841 Thomas and Mary were living in Castle Place, Derby, with Thomas working as a joiner.  Ten years later he was living in Derby with sons Nathaniel and Charles, and his brother Edward; he was still working as a joiner.  Mary died in Derby in February 1851, and Thomas, still in Derby and “of Carrington Street”, in 1854.

                Thomas’ son Nathaniel George was born in 1832 in Derby and baptized on 24 October at St Peter’s.  On 18 March 1854, a “Waggon Lifter / Railway Guard”, he married Elizabeth Ann Tanner and they had six children:  a daughter (name unknown) who married a Mr Platts, Ellen born in Derby in 1855, Charles born in Gloucester in 1857, Charlotte Elizabeth born in 1859/60, Lizzie in 1864/5, William Henry in 1867 and one or more others.  In 1881 they were living at 93 Hope St in Kimberworth, Yorkshire:  Nathaniel was working as a “Railway Foreman”.

    Nathaniel’s daughter Charlotte Elizabeth was born in 1859/60 in Leicester and baptized on 11 March 1860 at St George’s.

    Nathaniel’s daughter Lizzie was born in 1864/5 in Coalville, Leicestershire, and baptized there on 16 April 1865.  In 1881 she was living with her family at 17 Liverpool Terrace, Monks Coppenhall, in Cheshire and working as a “teacher in a Board School”.

    Nathaniel’s son William Henry was born in 1867 in Kimberworth, Yorkshire.  In 1881 he was living with his family at 17 Liverpool Terrace, Monks Coppenhall, in Cheshire and working as a Railway Clerk.  He married and had a son, Leonard, born on 19 September 1895.

                    Thomas’s son Charles Thomas was born in 1835 in Derby and baptized on 1 April at St Peter’s.  In 1859 he married Sarah Ann Whitehead in Liverpool.  They had ten children:  Charles Thomas born in 1860, Walter George in 1862, John A in 1864, Charles in 1866, William Henry in 1868, Ada Elizabeth in 1874, Harry Edward in 1876, James Walton in 1879, Lucy and one other.   In 1881 Charles & Sarah and their children were living at 17 Liverpool Terrace, Monks Coppenhall, in Cheshire:  Charles was working as an Engine Fitter at the locomotive works in Crewe.

                        Charles’ first child, another Charles Thomas, was born on 11 August 1860 in Liverpool and baptized on 26 August at St Peter’s.  In 1881 he was living with his family at 17 Liverpool Terrace, Monks Coppenhall, and working as an “Engine Fitter Apprentice at the Works”.  He married Emma Butt in 1884, and they had two daughters:  Dolly (date unknown) and Ethel in 1893.

                        Charles’ second child, Walter George, was born on 17 April 1862 in Crewe and baptized on 13 August at St Peter’s Liverpool.  In 1881 he was living with his family at 17 Liverpool Terrace, Monks Coppenhall, and working as an “Engine Fitter Apprentice at the Works”.  He married Catherine McCluskey (‘Kitty’) in 1888.  In 1901 they were living at 29 Martin Street, Monks Coppenhall, with four children:  nine-year old William, six-year old Sarah A, four-year old Ketty and two-year old John.

                        Charles’ third child, John A, was born in 1864 and his fourth, Charles, in 1866, both in Crewe.  In 1881 they were living with their family at 17 Liverpool Terrace, Monks Coppenhall, and working as “Engine Fitter Apprentices at the Works”.  Charles at least was still there in 1901.

                        Charles’ fifth child, William Henry, was born in 1868 in Crewe;  in 1881 he was living at 17 Liverpool Terrace, Monks Coppenhall.  He married and had a son, Harold, in 1897/8.

                        Charles’ sixth child, Ada Elizabeth, was born in 1874 in Crewe.  In 1881 she was living at 17 Liverpool Terrace, Monks Coppenhall with her family.  On 3 April 1899 she married William Thomas Lawson at St Mary’s Kirkdale:  they had seven children – Celia born in 1900, William Charles in 1903, John Cedric in 1905, Ada Celia in 1908, Charles (date unknown), Elsa Leonora in 1915, and Irene Ethel May in about 1917.

                        Charles’ seventh child, Harry Edward, was born in 1876 in Crewe.  He married Mary Ellen Hayward (born 1876) in 1898 (1900?), and they had a son, Reg, born in about 1901.

                            Charles’ eighth child, James Walton, was born in 1879 in Crewe.  In 1881 he was living at 17 Liverpool Terrace, Monks Coppenhall.  He married Mary (surname unknown), and had three children:  David James, George (Nathaniel George?) and Queenie.

    Nathaniel’s son Edward was baptized in M/B on 4 January 1779.  He married Elizabeth Clamp at Barwell on 25 December 1804.  They had a daughter Jane baptized at Cadeby on 22 November 1805.  Their other children were baptized at Barwell:  John in 1807, George on 4 December 1809, Ann on 7 April 1811, Mary on 7 February 1813 (marrying John Messenger and having ten children), and Rhoda on 5 February 1815.  It was quite likely this Rhoda who married Edward Chanler at St Margaret’s Leicester on 9 March 1836.  In 1851 Charles was living with his brother Thomas in Derby, recorded as a farm worker.

        Edward’s son John was baptized at Barwell on 27 May 1807.   A saddler, he married first Sarah Wothers in M/B in the first quarter of 1838, and had children Ann in 1839 and John in 1841 (dying that same year).   Sarah died in 1841 and he then married Sarah Messenger on 20 October 1842.   John and Sarah née Messenger had five children:  Mary Ann in 1843 (marrying George Clarke), John in 1846 (dying that same year), Sarah Jane in 1847 (marrying William Geary and having three children including Mary Messenger Geary and Kimberlin Geary), Thomas in 1848 (dying three years later), and William in 1850.   In 1881 Sarah was living in Barwell, "stepmother" to William & Sarah J Geary and their family.

            John’s son William was born in 1850.  A saddler/harness maker, he married Margaret Ginns on 1 June 1873 at the Catholic Chapel in Hinckley.  They had one son, John William, born in Barwell in 1874.

                William’s son, John William, was born in Barwell in 1874.   In 1881 he was recorded as “son-in-law” to John & Margaret Delaney and family at 26 Gosling St, Leicester:  this was in fact his mother and her second husband.  Thirteen years later he married Elizabeth Ann Cramphorn in Leicester.  They had four children:  Elsie born in 1895 (dying that same year), Archibald Henry William in 1896, Florence in 1898 (dying in 1901) and John Francis in 1905 (dying in 1909).


1b)  Other Kimberlins in Market Bosworth and neighbourhood, presumably related to the family above but with links not yet proven:

Thomas & Ann baptized a son, another Thomas, at Cadeby on 16 July 1753.  This may well be my own earliest identified Kimberlin ancestor, the Thomas who married Sarah Mousley.at Mancetter in 1780.

Frances married William Dent on 16 September 1760 at Newbold Verdon.

Thomas married Mary Heckstall at Cadeby on 27 December 1760.  They are presumably the Thomas & Mary who had two children baptized at Barlestone:  Nathaniel on 13 September 1761, and Elizabeth on 27 March 1763.

Nathaniel married Jane Jackson at Market Bosworth (hereafter M/B) on 12 July 1763.

Ann married Joseph Barnet on 14 February 1773 at St Mary’s, Hinckley.

John married Anna Maria Moseley at M/B on 21 July 1776;  they had a daughter, Dorothy, baptized there on 9 July 1780.   They are presumably also the John & Maria who had had James baptized there on 3 August 1777.

Jane married Samuel Slater at St Peter’s M/B on 20 June 1796.

Jane was born in M/B in about 1776;  she married Edward Barras there on 2 November 1797.

James was baptized in M/B on 7 May 1786, with parents Maria Kimberlin and James Barlow.

Mary married James Morris at M/B on 21 January 1788.

Stephen married Susanna Ball at Ratby on 23 October 1800.

John died in the first quarter of 1872, aged seventy-seven.

Mary married James Clamp at Nailstone on 2 December 1811 (or 1711?).

John & Sarah baptized a daughter, Harriet, at Sapcote on 1 September 1818.  They may well also have been the parents of Eliza, baptized at St Mary’s Hinckley on 4 February 1815.

Thomas had a son Joseph, born in 1812/3 at Congerstone.  He married an Ann (probably Ann Muggleton on 15 October 1847), and in 1851 they were in the workhouse at M/B with two sons:  seven-year old John and six-year old Joseph.  Ann evidently died during the next few years, for in 1858 he married Charity (born 1816/7).  Three years later the two of them were in M/B with sixteen-year old Joseph.  Twenty years later Joseph senior and Charity were living in Back Lane M/B;  Joseph was an Agricultural Labourer.

Joseph was born in 1810/11. He married Mary (also born in 1810/11).  They baptized two children at Stoke Golding: Thomas on 16 March 1834 and William on 24 July 1836.  Another child, Mary, was born in 1840/1, and in 1841 the five of them were living in M/B.  [This is possibly the same Joseph as in the paragraph above – a Mary was buried in M/B on 17 November 1846, aged thirty-seven – possibly Joseph’s wife.]  In 1851 a sixteen-year old Thomas (born in M/B, and presumably Joseph & Mary’s son) was lodging with the Rubottom family at 12 Court Aston Road, Aston, working as a ‘boatman’.

Nathaniel & Charlotte baptized three children at Bilstone:  John on 27 February 1820, Catherine on 14 April 1822 and Joseph on 14 September 1823.

Sarah had four children baptized at Sheepy Magna on 20 Apr 1823, with no mention of a father:  Catharine, Charles, George and Richard.  Another, or the same, Sarah is given as the mother, with Will Deacon the father, of a William baptized at Mancetter on 26 October 1823.

Thomas was born in M/B in the third quarter of 1845.

Joseph was born in 1849/50 in M/B. He married Isabella (born 1847/8) and in 1881 the couple were living at Colliers Row, Heather, Leics;   Joseph was a coal-miner.

Charles was born in M/B in the fourth quarter of 1871.


2)  some Kimberlins of Coventry and Birmingham, many working in the iron industry:

Thomas, a labourer, had a son John – who, as a widower, married Elizabeth Hoskisson (née Williamson) on 22 December 1841 at St Philips, Birmingham.

William was born in 1833/4 in Coventry.  He married Lydia (surname unknown, born 1841/2 in Birmingham), and they had at least five children:  Harriet, born 1868/9 in Birmingham;  Annie, born 1870/1 in Birmingham;  Joseph, born 1874/5 in Birmingham;  Florence, born 1876/7 in Birmingham;  and Willie, born 1878/9 in Birmingham.  In 1881 they were living at “4 Back Of 200 Bolton Road” in Aston:  William was working as an “Annealer, Iron”.

Charles was born in 1843/4 in Birmingham.  He married Amelia (surname unknown, born in Birmingham in 1857/8), and they had at least three children – Amelia, born in 1875/6 in Worcester, Charles in 1878/9 in Birmingham, and Clara in 1880 in Birmingham.  In 1881 the family were living at 50 New Bartholomew St in Birmingham:  Charles was working as an “iron labourer”, while Amelia was an “umbrella riveter”.  Charles’ unmarried brother Joseph (born 1855/6 in Birmingham) was living with them;  he was a “stationer’s porter”.

Thomas was born in 1843/4 in Birmingham.  He married Hanna (surname unknown, born 1845/6 in Wales), and they had at least two children:  Thomas, born 1876 in Oldham, and Herbert, born 1879/80 in Oldham.  In 1881 they were living at 43 Mulberry St, Oldham;  Thomas was working as a “brass burnisher”.  It is probable that Ada, born in Oldham in the second quarter of 1883, was their daughter.

Rose was born in Birmingham in 1861/2.  She had a son, Joseph W, born in 1881, and that year the two of them were in the “Parish of Birmingham Workhouse” on Western Road, Rose being recorded as a “Housemaid, Domestic Servant”.


[Information about other families, notably a large number in Kidderminster, will follow here]


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