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Our branch of the Limbrick family are detailed here.  Below are some other families who may or may not be related to our branch.



John, born 1760 in Gloucestershire, married Elizabeth, still in Glos.  They had seven children:  Joseph, baptized 24 June 1787;  William, baptized 11 January 1789;  Isaac, baptized November 1790;  Thomas, baptized  March 1792;  Richard, baptized 23 March 1794;  George, baptized 24 April 1796;  John, baptized 11 May 1798.  All apparently “in the Sodbury area.”.

    John’s son Joseph was born in Glos in 1787 and baptized on 24 June that year;  he died in 1868, still in Gloucestershire.  He married an Elizabeth (1798-1858), and they had three children:  Charles, born in 1823 [“register at Stoke Gifford, Glos”] and died 1867;  George, born 1836 Gloucestershire, died 1896, occupation:  grocer in Hambrook, 1887;  Richard, born 1838 [register at Stoke Gifford, Glos], died 1897.

        Joseph’s son, George,  was born in 1836 in Gloucestershire, died 1896, occupation:  Grocer in Hambrook, 1887 married Louisa (1823-87) and had five children:  Joseph William Downes, born 1871 [register at Stoke Gifford, Glos], died 1875;  Minnie Louise, born 1873 [register at Stoke Gifford, Glos] who married a Mr Beauchamp and had a child, Flora;  Fanny Eliza Beatrice, born in 1877;  Ruth, who married Fred Wells;  Richard, who lived at Codrington Cottage.

    John’s son William was born in 1788 in Gloucestershire and baptized on 11 January 1789;  he died in 1849 in Gloucestershire.  He married twice:  first, Hannah Orchard, by whom he had six children:  William Bence, born 1812 in Gloucestershire;  John, born 1814 in Gloucestershire and died 1838;  Elizabeth, born 1816 in Gloucestershire;  Richard, born 1818 in Gloucestershire, died 1880, lived in Westerleigh;  Hannah, born 1820 in Gloucestershire and died the same year;  Mary Ann, born 1823 in Gloucestershire and also died that year.   Hannah apparently died on 12 March 1821, aged thirty-four [and therefore Mary Ann’s birthdate, or mother, is incorrect].  William’s second wife was Sarah Pullin, whom he married on 23 April 1811 [wrong date, surely?]:  they had children:  Jane, born 1825 in Gloucestershire;  Joseph, born 1826 and died 2 March 1841;  Ann, born 1827 in Gloucestershire;  Thomas, born in 1829;  James, born 1830 in Gloucestershire and had children Alice, Selina, Maggie, Hannah and JaneMary, born 1832 in Gloucestershire and died in 1850;  George, born 1833 in Gloucestershire;  Ruth, born 1835 in Gloucestershire;  Joseph, born 1837 in Gloucestershire and died in 1841;  John Pullin, born 1839 in Gloucestershire;  Sarah Ann, born 1841 in Gloucestershire;  Emma, born 1843 in Gloucestershire, married Charles Henry Hopkins on 2 Apr 1867 in Hawkesbury and had children Ada G (born 1870/1), Charles E (1875/6) and John Limbrick (1879/80).

        William’s son William Bence was born on 10 June 1812 in Hawkesbury, and died on 16 January 1886.  He married twice;  he and both wives are recorded in Yate churchyard:  first, Ann who died on 27 July 1852, aged  forty-two;  secondly Mary, born 13 May 1820 in Sherston Magna, Wilts, died 19 November 1892.  The 1881 census has the family living at Court Farm, Horton, Glos:  the children are William, born 1851/2 in Iron Acton;  George Percy, born 1853/4 in Yate;  Mary Emily, born 1858/9 in Yate;  Margaret born 1861/2 in Yate.  There was also apparently a daughter, Sarah Ann, born in ?1843.

                William Bence’s daughter Sarah Ann was born in 1843.  She married Richard Wickham Arnold (born 1860??, son of Thomas and Sarah Ann née Limbrick) in 1876, by whom she had four children:  Lucie Emilie born in 1880, Albert Richard in 1881, Grace Madeline in 1883 and Thomas Percy in 1887.  Richard later remarried, Elizabeth Ann Limbrick (see elsewhere in these notes), by whom he had another child, Pat.

                William Bence’s son William was born in 1848.  He had seven children:  William Bence (who himself had three children – William, Alma, and Frances, born in New Zealand);  John Alway;  Lucy;  Elsie Aline;  Sissie;  Winifred;  and Madge.

        William’s son Richard was born in Hawkesbury, Glos, in 1818.  He lived in Westerleigh and died in 1880.  He married Susanna Lawrence (born 1825, died ?1907), by whom he had nine children:  Eliza, born in Westerleigh in 1846;  Edmund Orchard, born in Westerleigh in 1847;  Emma Jane, born in Westerleigh in 1848;  George Lawrence, born in Westerleigh in 1850 and died that same year;  Elizabeth Ann, born in 1851;  William, born in Westerleigh in 1853;  another George Lawrence born in 1854;  Jane Ann, born in Westerleigh in 1858;  and Susanna Mary, born in Westerleigh in 1864 and died in 1866.  In 1851 the census recorded Richard and Susannah with Emma Jane, Eliza and “Edmon Archord”, together with a live-in servant, Charlotte Iles.

                    Richard’s daughter Elizabeth Ann was born in Westerleigh in 1851.  She married twice:  first, FK Godwin, by whom she had three children – Richard, Ernest and Winifred;  and secondly Richard Wickham Arnold (see above), by whom she had one child, Pat.

                    Richard’s son George Lawrence was born in Westerleigh in 1854 and died in 1921.  He married Elizabeth Noye, by whom he had seven children, all born in New Zealand:  Maude MayIsabel AnnWinifred SusannaRichard, who died as an infant;  another RichardHilda;  and Arthur Edmund Orchard, born in 1901.

            William’s son, Thomas was born in Gloucestershire in 1829.  On 15 March 1856 he married Sarah Shipp at Hawkesbury:  at the time he was apparently “of Hawkesbury and Wickwar”.  The couple had at least nine children:  Hannah M born in 1858/9, Thomas W in 1860/1, Frederick J in 1862/3, Albert G in 1863/4, Sarah A in 1865/6, Mary E in 1866/7, Fanny Jane in 1868, Bence J in 1869/70 and James P in 1871.  The 1861 census records the family at Chipping Sodbury, and that of 1871 at Hampstead Farm:  Thomas was a “farmer of 226 acres”.  Sarah died on 14 October 1901 and Thomas on 2 June 1902.

    John’s son Isaac was born in Gloucestershire in 1790, being baptized in the October of that year.  He worked apparently as a “vet, inn-keeper, victualler”.  He married twice:  first, Susannah, by whom he had four daughters:  Elizabeth Ann, born in 1817;  Hester, born in 1820 in Chipping Sodbury and baptized there;  Jane, born in 1821 in Chipping Sodbury and baptized there;  and Anne, born in 1824 in Chipping Sodbury and baptized there.  Isaac subsequently married Sarah, by whom he had a son, Isaac, born in Chipping Sodbury in 1824.  This younger Isaac worked as a veterinary surgeon;  he married Emma and had three children:  Sarah (who married John Goodall), Isaac and Emma.

    John’s son George was baptized (born?) on 24 April 1796.  He worked as a farmer.  He married Ruth on 14 December 1824 at Hawkesbury, and had seven children :  Elizabeth, born in 1825;  Martha in 1827;  James in 1828;  Joseph in 1830;  William in 1831;  Richard in 1833 and George in 1837.

        George’s youngest son George was born in Horton, Glos in 1837.  He emigrated to New Zealand, where he worked as a “mariner and store-keeper”.  On 22 September 1864 he married Mary Ann Beamish (born in Hackney, London c. 1847) at the Church of England in Dunedin;  they had five children:  George Alfred Joseph, born on 13 October 1864 (married Edith Pell and had children Stella and Ruby);  Charles Henry Shadforth, born on 17 November 1866 (married Evelyn Gertrude Mann and had a son Reginald Cuthbert);  William Henry Herbert, born on 21 June 1873;  Francis Richard, born on 11 April 1876;  and Horton Sydney, born in 1878.  George apparently abandoned his family, and later married Mary Ann’s sister Sarah Jane in Victoria and had a second family.

            George’s son Francis Richard was born on 11 April 1876 at Arrow River, New Zealand, before moving to Tasmania.  Shortly after arriving in Tasmania, George left his family;  Mary Ann died in the Lachlan valley a short while later and the children were fostered out.  Francis was fostered in the Wilton family and married one of their daughters, Lilian Mary (born 10 March 1878), on 5 April 1897.  They had twelve children:  Foncie Jessie, born on 3 June 1897 at Lachlan, New Norfolk;  William Reuben, born on 15 February 1899 in New Norfolk;  Charles Redveres, born 1 April 1900 in Lachlan Valley, New Norfolk;  Stanley Wilton, born 17 September 1901 in the Lachlan Valley, New Norfolk;  Sarah Ann (“Sade”), born 25 December 1903 in the Lachlan Valley, New Norfolk;  Evelyn Gertrude May, born on 21 December 1905 in New Norfolk;  Leila Mary Ruth, born 1 December 1907 in the Lachlan valley, New Norfolk, and died on 5 May the following year;  Lilian Daphne, born 12 January 1909 in the Lachlan valley, New Norfolk;  Allan Dudley, born 21 May 1911 in the Lachlan valley, New Norfolk;  Mervin, born 22 May 1913 in the Lachlan valley, New Norfolk;  Ruby Mira, born 25 August 1915 in the Lachlan valley, New Norfolk;  and George Alfred Joseph, born 9 February 1918 in the Lachlan valley, New Norfolk.


Thomas Limbrick, born in 1780, married Sarah Cook.  They had at least three children:  Hannah, Richard in 1821, and George in about 1835.

Thomas’ son Richard was born in Frampton Cotterell (or Rangeworthy?) in 1821.  In 1839 he married Eleanor (‘Ellen’) Wall, still in Rangeworthy, Glos.  The 1851 census for Rangeworthy has Richard & Ellen with four children, all born in Rangeworthy:  Charles Henry born in 1841/2, George James in 1843/4, Mary in 1846/7, and Hannah in 1849/50;  Richard was an “agricultural labourer”.  In the following years they had five more children – Eliza born in about 1851, Harriet in 1856 (dying three years later), Emily in about 1858, John in about 1862 and William Joseph in about 1871.  At some point the family had emigrated to Australia, to join Eleanor’s brothers at Kyneton near Melbourne.  Richard died on 27 July 1871 in Carlsruhe, Victoria, being crushed by a tree that fell on him while he was clearing land; he was buried two days later in Kyneton cemetery.  Ellen died on 18 March 1886 in Carag Carag, Victoria and was buried two days later in Rochester.

        Richard’s son Charles Henry was born in Rangeworthy, Glos, in 1841/2.  His parents emigrated to Australia with him, and in 1874 he married Adelaide Victoria Gooch (born in 1845).  The couple died on 22 February 1905 and 2 June 1915 respectively, both being buried in Kyneton cemetery.

        Richard’s son George James was born in Rangeworthy in 1843/1.  Also emigrating to Australia with his parents, he married Mary McCarty on 11 September 1875.

        Richard’s daughter Mary was born in Rangeworthy in 1846/7.  Also in Australia, she married William Pell (a farmer from Mt Scobie, born in 1842) at Kyneton in 1866; the couple had seven sons and four daughters.

        Richard’s daughter Hannah was born in Rangeworthy in 1849/50.  In Australia she married William Murphy in 1865.  She died in 1894.

        Richard’s daughter Eliza was born in about 1851.  She married her cousin John Wall in Kyneton in 181, and died in 1917.

        Richard’s daughter Emily was born in about 1858.  She married George Stratton (a ‘farmer of Wyuna’, born in 1855) in 1883.

        Richard’s son John was born in Kyneton, Australia, in about 1862.  He moved to Cobaw and married Emma Farrow in 1913; there seem to have been no children.

        Richard’s son William Joseph was born in Kyneton in about 1871.  He moved to Cobram where he ran a citrus orchard.  In 1894 he married Susan Adelaide Rava (born in 1874).  Susan died in 1901 and William in 1918.


John Limbrick married Elizabeth Keepen in August 1857.   They had seven children:  Richard, Elizabeth Ann born in about 1859, Frederick John in about 1860, Annie Louise in about 1852, Minnie Josephine in about 1864, William Augustus in about 1867, and Sara Geraldine in about 1868 – the last six at least being born in Iron Acton.  John was buried in Iron Acton on 27 March 1877, and Elizabeth died on 26 December 1870 and was buried in Iron Acton on 2 January 1871.


William married Mary Pew in March 1711/2 in Thornbury.  They had a son, another William, who married Mary Howell on 28 Sep 1730 in Thornbury.  William and Mary had a son, another William, born in 1731.

        This youngest William was born in 1731 in Oldbury-on-Severn, and was baptized there on 25 July 1731.  On 23 June 1754 he married Mary Rowles (born about 1730) in Thornbury.  They had the following children:  Mary, baptized on 3 November 1754 in Oldbury on Severn and married Thomas Morgan on 5 March 1770 in Thornbury;  Thomas born in 1756;  Elizabeth, baptized on 18 June 1758 in Oldbury on Severn.  There may also have been a William, born in 1763 – see below.

            William's son Thomas was baptized on 24 June 1756 in Oldbury-on-Severn;  he died there on 27 January 1803.  Except for being married in the mother church of Thornbury, Thomas appears to have lived and died at Oldbury. He married Anne Smith on 20 December 1784 at Thornbury, and had eight children, five girls and three boys including a set of twins:  They had the following children:  Sarah, baptized on 27 February 1785 in Thornbury;  Mary, baptized on 5 August 1787 in Thornbury;  Thomas, baptized on 14 February 1790 in Oldbury-on-Severn;  William baptized on 14 February 1790 in Oldbury-on-Severn;  James born in 1793;  Bithia, baptized on 13 January 1799 in Oldbury-on-Severn;  Lois born in 1801;  Edna, baptized on 8 May 1803 in Oldbury-on-Severn.  Thomas died on 27 January 1803.

                Thomas’ son James was baptized on 24 August 1793 in Oldbury-on-Severn.  Apparently he “was a cordwainer in Llangattock juxta Caerleon, Wales, and had at least ten children by his wife Leah”.  One of these children was Mary Jane, born on 11 July 1845 in Llangattock-juxta-Caerleon and married Thomas Roberts from Whitchurch, Glamorgan.

                Thomas’ daughter Lois was born in Oldbury-on-Severn in 1800 and baptized there on 13 July.  She died after 1871.
She was first married in St Paul’s Bristol to William Haines and had two children to him: Maria and William in 1824. After William died, on 23 December 1833 Lois remarried in St Mary-le-Port, Bristol:  William Wood, a twenty-two year old chairmaker.  They moved to the Clifton area and raised a family of six children, beginning with a set of twins – Emma and Edwin.  Lois died between 1871-1881.

            William (see above) was baptized on 23 Mar 1763 in Oldbury on Severn.  He married Anne Holland on 27 January 1791 in Thornbury, and had the following children:  John, born (baptized?) on 4 March 1792 in Thornbury;  William, on 22 November 1794 in Thornbury;  Elizabeth in 1800;  Ann in 1805;  Thomas in 1805;  George in 1807;  Joseph in 1810;  and Samuel in 1812.

                Willliam’s daughter Ann was born (baptized?) on 27 March 1805 in Thornbury.  She died in 1859 in Strensham and was buried there on 13 September.  (She had an illegitimate son, Thomas, born in 1828 in Broth Hall, Kempsey, Worcs:  he married Ann Redding, born 1829 in Strensham, on 28 May 1857 in St Peter, Cheltenham, and died in 1888 in Strensham, being buried there on 9 October.)  Ann married Thomas Hobbs on 29 September 1836 in Strensham, and had children:  William born in 1836;  John born in 1842.

                William’s son Thomas was born (?) on 27 March 1805 in Thornbury.  He married Hannah Harris on 24 February 1824 in Twyning, Glos.  They had the following children:  William, born 1825 in Twyning;  James, born 1827 in Twyning, and died December 1912 in Strensham and was buried 27 Jan 1912 (1913?) in Strensham;  Elizabeth, born 1829 in Strensham;  Sarah born 1831 in Strensham;  Ann born 1833 in Strensham;  Mary born 1835 in Strensham;  Thomas born 1840 in Strensham;  Ellen born 1842;  George born 1842 in Twyning and died there that same year;  Maria born 1846;  and George born 1849 in Twyning and dying there that same year.


Robert Limbrick was born in about 1800.  He married Martha Douch on 27 May 1822 in St. Martin’s in the Fields, London and had a son, Alfred James, born in 1822/3.

    Robert’s son Alfred James was born in 1822/3 in Westminster.  He married Sophia Major on 31 May 1853, and had at least five children:  Albert V born in Deptford in 1863/4, Walter A in Deptford in 1866/7, Charles Henry in 1869, Francis H in Woolwich in 1872/3 and Emily E A in Poplar in 1875/6.  In 1881 the family were living at 6 Woolmore Street, Poplar:  Alfred was working as a “shipwright”, Albert as a “boiler maker’s labourer” and Walter as a messenger.

        Alfred’s son Charles Henry was born on 13 November 1869 in Woolwich, Kent.  In 1881 he was living at 6 Woolmore Street, Poplar, with his family, described as a “scholar”.  He married Letitia Caroline Lawrence and had children Letitia Caroline, Charles Bernard born in 1898, Hubert Milman and Dennis Hall.  He worked as an assistant librarian in London

            Charles Henry’s daughter Letitia Caroline (‘Letty’) married an Australian, ? Moore, moved to Australia and had about ten children.

            Charles Henry’s son Charles Bernard was born in London on 2 December 1898 (1897?);  He served in the Royal Marines in World War One.  Later he emigrated to Canada.

            Charles Henry’s son Hubert Milman (‘Bert’) served in the Royal Navy in World War One.


Thomas was born in 1757.  He married Anne Gormdon on 28 July 1789 in Westbury church.  The couple had three children – John born in 1790, Anne in 1792 and Mary in 1797.  Thomas died, still in Westbury, in January 1830.

    Thomas’s first child, John, was born on 31 May 1790 in Westbury.  A mason, he married Jane Hill in Westbury on 30 January 1814.  The couple had eight children:  Fanny, born in 1814, Anne in 1817, Jane in 1819, John in 1822, James in 1824, Edward in 1828, and Hannah & Mary in 1830.  John died, still in Westbury, in September 1873.

        John’s first child, Fanny, was born on 3 December 1814 in Westbury.  On 16 May 1837, still in Westbury, she married Griffith Jenkins.

        John’s second child, Anne, was born in Westbury on 31 October 1817;  she died there the following  February.

        John’s third child, Jane, was born in Westbury on 2 February 1819;  nothing further is known of her.

        John’s fourth child, John, was born in Westbury on 2 May 1822.  A mason by trade, he married Esther Gleed on 20 December 1864, still in Westbury;  he died there on 4 October 1885.

        John’s fifth child, James, was born in Westbury on 9 October 1824.  A mason like his brother, he married Charlotte Baldwin in Westbury on 20 April 1854.  He died on 17 January 1915 in Great Witley.

            James’ first child, Alfred (Alfred James?), was born in about 1858, perhaps in France.

            James’ second child, Rosalthea, was born in Ledbury on 30 October 1860.  On 15 April 1884 she married James Russell in Cheltenham

            James’ third child, Ernest Howard, was born in Erdiston, Worcs, in September 1871.  He married Emily Baldwin

            James’ fourth child, Mary Mira Millicent, was born in Erdiston on 19 November 1873.  She married Edmund Collins in Great Witley on 31 July 1915.

        John’s sixth child, Edward, was born in Westbury on 11 June 1828, and his seventh and eighth, twins Hannah and Mary, were born there on 29 October 1830.  Nothing further is known of them.

    Thomas’ second child, Anne, was born in Westbury in November 1792, and his third, Mary, was born there in January 1797.



William Limbrick, probably of Henbury, Gloucestershire, was born in 1852, and married Ellen Brown Trotman, (probably born in Cinderford, Glos, in 1847).  They had four sons, Robert William born in 1877, William Edward in about 1880, George T and Charles.  William died in 1923.

    Robert William was born in Woodford, Berkeley in July 1877.  On 14 April 1906, in Cleyhanger, Devon, he married Elizabeth Vickery “in the presence of Robert Vickery, John Prescott, and Eva Ellen Goss. They had two children – James, and Charles William, born in 1909.  Robert was a coalminer.

    William Edward was born in about 1880 in Berkeley, Glos.  In 1891 he was still there, but he moved soon afterwards to south Wales, where in 1908 he married Selina Helen George.  In 1911 the couple were living in Bargoed, with William working in the coal mines (as a repairer).  They had four girls – Vera, Hazel, Muriel and Wilhelmina.



James Limbrick, a gardener, married  Sarah Ann White, a domestic servant, and had a daughter, Elizabeth Mary, born on 26 November 1885 in Chaxhill, Westbury on Severn.  Elizabeth emigrated to South Africa at the age of eighteen “to take up employment as a nanny for the headmaster of the Johannesburg Girls School”.  She married Charles Sinclair Hutchison, by whom she had five children.



William Limbrick “of Wickwar” married Patience Allum of Streatley, Berks, in Streatley on 10 September 1850.  They had three daughters and four sons, one of whom was George Sidney.  George married Louise Phillips, and had a son, William George.



Walter was born in Hartpury, Glos, in 1822.  In 1846, at Newent, he married Esther Beard (born in 1825 in Poona, India).  They had children:  John W born in Hartpury in 1837, Emma born in Barton St Mary in 1839, and four futher children, all born in Gloucester – James in 1849, George Thomas in 1851, Ellen in 1862 and Clara in 1869.  Walter died in Gloucester in 1900.

    Walter’s son George Thomas was born in Gloucester in 1851.  In 1872, still in Gloucester, he married Eliza Adelaide Westbury (born in Gloucester in 1854), with whom he had seven children – Alice A born in 1874, Maud in 1880, Frederick in 1883, Nellie May in 1884, Kate A in 1887, Mabel in Newport in 1890 and Percy in 1898.  Eliza died in Gloucesrter in 1907.

        George Thomas’ daughter Nellie May was born in Newport on 2 April 1884.  On 9 August 1915, still in Newport, she married Edward Browning (born in Stroud on 7 April 1883), by whom she had a daughter, Sylvia Constance, born in Newport on 22 March 1920.

        George Thomas’ daughter Kate A was born in Newport in 1887.  She married Jack Williams and had a daughter Joyce.

    Walter’s daughter Ellen was born in Gloucester in 1862.  In 1879, still in Gloucester, she married James Glasby (born in Gloucester in 1858), by whom she had two children, both born in Gloucester – Lionel James in 1880 and Lillian Estell in 1886.

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