Our branch of the Pavey family is detailed here.  Below are some other families who may or may not be related to us.


A    Paveys in Thorncombe, one at least of whom intermarried with Family C

B    Paveys from Yarcombe, not yet connected with our main family tree

C    a Pavey family in the Weymouth / Bridport area

D    some other Devon, Dorset & Somerset Paveys

E    a family who moved from Bristol to London in the nineteenth century;  and some other London Paveys


John married Elizabeth, also née Pavey, both ‘of Axminster’, on 5 April 1795, and had children baptized in Thorncombe:  Absalom on 15 June 1800, John on 29 June 1806 and Benjamin in 1809.  It may be this John and Elizabeth who also had  a daughter, Elizabeth, baptized at Yarcombe on 8 September 1805.

    Benjamin was born on 6 August 1809.  He married Susanna Loader in Wyke Regis, Dorset, on 21 January 1833.  They had at least three sons – William Thomas in 1838, Benjamin L in 1839 and Absalom in 1852.

        William Thomas was born in Bridport in 1838.  On 27 May 1860 he married Jane Charlotte Edmonds (born in Weymouth in 1846/7) in Melcombe Regis.  The couple had at least twelve children, including:  Benjamin in 1866/7, Susan in 1867/8, John in 1868.9, Ellen in 1870/1, Absalom in 1872, Amelia in 1873/4, Charlotte in 1874/5, Walter in 1876/7 and Frederick in 1879/80.  In 1881 the family were living at 1 Bury Street, Melcombe Regis: William was working as a chimney sweep.

            Amelia was baptized on 24 May 1874 in Weymouth, and in 1881 was living with her family at 1 Bury Street, Melcombe Regis.  She married Charles Lanning Pavey in Melcombe Regis in 1893.  For details of their family see below.

James and Sarah had children baptized at Thorncombe:  John on 20 July 1800, Mary on 16 May 1802, Sarah on 25 August 1805, James on 12 April 1807 and Matthew on 13 August 1809.

On 2 November 1802 Joseph married Jane Sugar in Thorncombe church.

Elizabeth, a spinster, died in 1851 – her will being proved that year.  In it she mentions a niece (?) Elizabeth, the “wife of Giles Hayward”, and other relatives including a sister Sarah, and Joseph, son of her late brother John.  Her tombstone reads:  “Sacred to the Memory of Elizabeth Pavey who was buried aged 72 in 1851.  This stone was erected by the Rev. John Bragge, Vicar of Thorncombe, in whose service she died having lived at the Vicarage above 40 years”.  That year’s census had recorded her as born in Seaborough, Somerset.



A widowed Mary, born in Yarcombe in 1799/1800, is recorded in the village in 1851 with four children, all born in the village:  Susan born in 1826/7, Ann in 1829/30, James in 1836/7 and Mary in 1840/1.

John was born in Yarcombe on 3 August 1806.  On 26 June 1828, still in Yarcombe, he married Mary Sparks.  The couple had six children, all born in Yarcombe – Sarah Ann on 11 January 1829, William on 25 June 1831, Temperance in 1834, Emma on 5 June 1836, Eliza in 1839 and Caroline in 1842.  

William was born in Yarcombe in 1810/11.  He married Julia (surname unknown, born in East Stonehouse in 1813/4) and had a daughter, Eliza, born in Ireland in 1833/4, and three further children born in East Stonehouse – Mary A in 1837/8, Catherine in 1843/4 and William J in 1850/1.

James Gill was born in Yarcombe in 1860.  He married Lucy Hawkridge (born 1862) and had four children, all born in Gittisham – Frederick in 1889, Eliza Bessie in 1891, Arthur James in 1893 and Walter Gill in 1894.  In 1901 the family were living in Awre, Glos;  James was working as a gardener.



Charles Pavey was born in Dorset in 1796.  He had at least two sons – Silvester Masters born in 1814 and William in 1816.

    Silvester Masters was born in Bridport in 1814.  He married Lucretia Lewis (born in 1819/20 in Poole) at Melcombe Regis on Christmas Day 1834.  The couple had at least three children  – Ann born in 1835/6, Orlando Thomas Lanning in 1840 and Charles Lanning in 1842.  In 1841 the family were in New Street, Melcombe Regis;  Silvester working as a sawyer and Lucretia as a dressmaker;  ten years later they were at 6 West Quay, Melcombe Regis: Silvester was a “sawyer and potter”, Ann was not with them.

        Charles Lanning was born in Weymouth in 1842, and was baptized on 28 December that year in Melcombe Regis.  A ‘seaman’, he married Ann Joliffe) and had at least eight children – Annie L in 1865/6, Elizabeth in 1869/70, Charles Lanning in 1871, George in 1872, Thomas Lanning in 1873/4, Caroline Leah in 1875, William in 1877/8 and Alfred Orlando Lanning in 1880.  In 1881 the family were living at the Rose & Crown in Crescent Street, Weymouth.  Charles died, still in the Weymouth area, seven years later.

            Charles Lanning junior was born in Weymouth in 1871.  In 1889 he (or his recently deceased father?) was recorded as the publican of the Ship Inn at Custom House Quay in Weymouth.  On 5 March 1893 he married his cousin Amelia Pavey in Melcombe Regis.  The couple had at least two sons, William George, born in 1895, and Robert Charles in 1903.

                William George was born in Weymouth on 13 October 1895.  A Lance Corporal in the Royal Engineers, he was based at the Nothe Fort in Weymouth, and in 1926 joined the crew of the Weymouth lifeboat.  He married Mary Ann Pitman and had at least two children.

            George, Thomas Lanning, Caroline Leah and Alfred Orlando Lanning (the last known by his second name?) were baptized at Melcombe Regis on 9 October 1872, 4 February 1874, 10 November 1875 and 22 September 1880 respectively.  In 1881 they were living with their family at the Rose & Crown in Crescent Street, Weymouth.



Eliza Pavey was born in Axminster, Devon in about 1816.  She married Jonas Barter, and had a daughter, Sarah, in 1845.

John Pavey had a daughter Elizabeth born in about 1825 in Barnstaple, Devon, who married Richard Shaddick on 31 December 1844.

William (second name Henry?) married Sarah Challice in or near Chard in the second quarter of 1872;  they had several children, including Mary Ann(e), born in 1878.

Robert George was born on 25 Dec 1901 in Exeter and lived in Sidmouth Junction when he was young.  He married and had five children.



Henry was born in Bristol in 1850/1.  He married Sarah, and they had at least two children, Henry Frank and Alfred, born in 1886/7 and 1887/8 respectively.  In 1891 they were living in Lambeth;  Henry was a “pianoforte finisher”.

    Henry Frank married Beatrice Annie Smith on 2 February 1907.  They had at least two children – Harry and Gladys Beatrice.

Arthur Pavey was born in 1883/4 in London;  he married Maude (surname unknown) in about 1905, and in 1911 was living with her in 13 Upper Marylebone Street, working as a “clerk, commission agent”;   Maude was a “blousemaker”.

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