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Distant cousins of ours are Barbara & Linda, the “Shipp Sisters” of Surrey.  And in times past a number of our Shipp relations lived in the village of Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire, which has an active, and very friendly, Family History Society.  Some of our family still live in the area, including Malcolm Shipp, a wholesale beer distributor.

Various other, apparently unrelated, Shipp families are detailed on the web.   There’s just a little that I’ve found so far about the Cambridgeshire Shipps.   Otherwise, one of the fullest on-line histories is “Some Descendants of William Shipp” – an early American settler.  It may be some of his descendants who are buried in the Shipp Family Cemetery.   Which reminds me:  where did US President Harry Shipp Truman get his middle name?

There have been a few mildly famous, or notorious, Shipps down the years.   Sherriff Joseph Shipp was tried for a lynching in 1907.

As for living Shipps, have you come across Matthew Shipp, an “avant-garde jazz piano player”?  Or John Wesley Shipp, an American soap-star famous for lowering his trouders in an episode of NYPD Blue (what would his preacher-namesake have thought?).

There are a number of web-sites around posted by ‘Shipps’.  You might care to try some of these:

Various ‘Shipp’ university students have their own web-sites:  so, for example, Victoria Shipp is a student at Bath University, while Jenny Shipp is at Towson University and Devon Shipp is studying macromolecular science at Clarkson University, (both somewhere in the States, I think).  Another student, Tom Shipp, seems to specialize in links to Russian radio and tv stations.  There’s nothing like pushing oneself forward, and according to himself twenty-one year old Josh Shipp is a “dynamic, entertaining, and powerful youth motivator and humorist”.  His website’s certainly impressive – in its own way.

And of course there is a wealth of other sites on the web to help you with your Shipp and other genealogical researches.

Do you know of other good sites to add to this page?   Please e-mail me if so!

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