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Our branch of the Thorn(e) family is descended from Peter Thorn of Ealing, who was born in the first half of the eighteenth century –  follow this link to find out more about them.


Early members of the Thorn(e) family were notable in the Reading area, including two Abbots of Reading;  and in Bristol, where they founded Bristol Grammar School.  A branch, descended from the Reading Thornes, settled in Suffolk.  Here is what I know so far of those Suffolk Thornes:

John Thorne (“of Sonning, gentleman”) was born in about 1520, and married before 1546.  He had five children – William, Thomas born in about 1550, John, Catherine and Rose.

    John’s son Thomas was born in about 1550.  He studied at Trinity College Cambridge in the 1570s, and married Cicely Gosnold in Coddenham in about 1576.  The couple had fifteen children, most born in Hemingstone, Suffolk (where Thomas was serving as Rector) – John, Oliver, Anne, Thomas, Robert born in abut 1583, William, Henry in about 1586, Brook, Mary, Bridget in 1591, John in about 1593, Oliver in about 1594, Thomasin in about 1596, Harry and Cicely.  Thomas died in 1630, being buried at Hemingstone on 9 November.

        Thomas’s daughter Anne married a Mr Dameron, by whom she had five children – Thomas, John, George, Anne and Mary.

        Thomas’ daughter Mary married John Micklefield, by whom she had three children – Thomas, Edward and Ann.

        Thomas’ daughter Bridget was born on 18 July 1591.  She was married twice:  first, in 1613, to John Lee (by whom she had two sons, John & Thomas) and then to Roger Prosser.

        Thomas’ son Oliver was born in Hemingstone in about 1594.  He married twice:  first, on 10 September 1631 in Bramford, Mary Meswell, with whom he had a daughter Mary;  and secondly, on 6 September 1634 at Earl Stonham, Alice Blundevil, with whom he had ten children – Alice in about 1636, William in about 1638, Anna in about 1640, Mary in about 1643, Oliver in about 1645, another Oliver in about 1646, Anne in 1649, John in about 1651, and Elizabeth in about 1653.

            Oliver’s daughter Alice was born in about 1636.  Some time before 1670 she married Samuel Carter, by whom she had six children, born in Hemingstone – Elizabeth in 1663, another Elizabeth in 1665, Anna, Samuel, Joseph in 1670 and Oliver.

            Oliver’s son William was born in Suffolk in about 1638.  Vicar of Wherstead in Suffolk, on 7 January 1667/8 he married Frances Browne there.  The couple had thirteen children:  Oliver born in 1668, Thomas in 1670, Mary in 1671, Robert in 1673, Elizabeth in 1674, Ann(a) in 1675, Frances in 1676/7, Sarah in about 1678, Catherine in about 1679, Sarah in about 1681, Mary in 1683, Charles in about 1684 and Rupertia in 1687.  At some point in the next few years Frances, died, and on 7 July 1706 William married Anne Stannard.

                William’s son Oliver was born in Wherstead in 1668.  In 1705, in Norwich, he married Mary Selby, with whom he had eight children – William, Frances in about 1707, Oliver in about 1709, William in about 1710, Peter in about 1712, John in about 1714, Mary and Charles.

                    Oliver’s son Oliver was born in about 1708.  In 1730, in Bramford, he married Mary Thompson, with whom he had six children – Charlotte born on 14 April 1731, Thomas Pooley in 1732, Porter on 20 September 1733, James on 13 March 1735, Oliver on 22 April 1736 and Harriet.

                William’s son Thomas was born in Wherstead in 1670.  In about 1693 he married Mary Hall, with whom he had nine children, born in London – Frances on 30 January 1695, Rupertia on 4 January 1696, William, Thomas on 27 April 1698, Brown on 16 December 1699, Oliver on 2 March 1701, another Oliver on 13 September 1702, Mary on 12 March 1705 and Ann on 4 February 1706.

                William’s daughter Catherine was born in about 1679;  in 1718 she married John Cooper in Hemmingstone.  His daughter Sarah was born in about 1681;  in 1700, in London, she married John Saunders.  His daughter Mary was born in Hemingstone in 1683;  she married a Mr Wooldridge.  His daughter Rupertia was born in Hemingstone in 1687;  she married a Mr Collier.

            Oliver’s daughter Anne was born on 15 January 1649.  She married Thomas Aldhouse and had five children – Robert, Thomas, Oliver, Ann & Elizabeth.

        Thomas’ daughter Thomasin was born in Hemingstone in about 1596.  In 1615 she married Thomas Ellis, by whom she had a son, Philip.

        Thomas’ daughter Cicely was born in Hemingstone in about 1599.  She married Christopher Deering and had three children – Thomas born on 12 October 1615, John and Christopher.

    John’s daughter Catherine married a Mr Sargeant.

    John’s daughter Rose married Francis Bugg in June 1588 in Mistley, Essex.

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