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some notes by P John Partington

MOSES TYLER  (before 1763 - after 1793)

Moses Tyler married Mary Taylor at Luton, Bedfordshire, on 16 May 1778.  They apparently moved to Tytherington in Gloucestershire, where they seem to have had twelve children:  Elizabeth in about 1777 (before their wedding), George in 1778, Mary & Ann in 1779, Hannah in 1781, Nathaniel in 1783, Sarah in 1785, Susanna in 1787, Catherine in 1787, James in 1790, Mark in 1793 and James in 1795 (details below).  At Hannah’s baptism the family’s residence was given as Mill Farm, Tytherington.  Nothing further is known at present.

THE CHILDREN OF MOSES  (before 1763 - after 1793)

Some of these dates seem a little suspect, but at present the presumption is that all the children listed here are those of ‘our’ Moses and Mary.

Moses’ first child, Elizabeth, was baptized in Tytherington on 18 February 1777;  his second, George, was baptized there on 4 October 1778;  his third and fourth, Mary & Ann, were baptized there on 28 November 1779.

Moses’ fifth child, Hannah, was baptized at Tytherington on 16 September 1781.  On 22 September she married John Smith at Tytherington.  They had ten children:  John born in 1802, James in 1804/5, Thomas in 1805, George in 1808/9, Martha in 1811/2, Edward in 1814, Moses in 1817, Mary in 1819, Hannah in 1821 and Ann in 1824.  John died on 29 August 1828 and was buried at Tytherington;  his will was proved on 30 September 1833.  In 1841 the census recorded Hannah in Rangeworthy with children Moses and Ann;  ten years later she was still in Tytherington, a “widow, landed proprietor”.  In 1861 she was alone at Tytherington-on-the-Hill, “living on her own funds”, while in 1871 she was at Grange House with her granddaughter Annie A Bennett.  She died on 12 June 1876, aged ninety-six, and was buried with her husband;  her will was proved on 6 April the following year.

Moses’ sixth child, Nathaniel, was baptized at Tytherington on 8 June 1783;  his seventh, Sarah, was baptized there on 15 May 1785;  his eighth, Susanna, on 27 May 1787;  his ninth, Catherine, on 8 August 1787;  his tenth, James, on 15 August 1790;  his eleventh, Mark, on 14 April 1793;  and his twelfth, another James, on 7 March 1795.  Nothing further is known of them at present.

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