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click on the image to enlarge itIn 1830 an ancestor of ours, James Bennett, published a History of Tewkesbury.  In 2002 it was reprinted by Alisons of Tewkesbury (which now occupies the site where James had his shop and printing works) with an introduction by my wifes aunt, Susan Nuttall.  Its available at 24.00, plus postage.

Amongst other villages, our Bennett family had links with Hawkesbury in Gloucestershire, which has an active, and very friendly, Family History Society.

‘Bennett’ is such a common surname that there are many unrelated Bennett families around.  I’m collecting details of a few which look interesting, or as though they might be related, and have posted details of them here.  Many Bennett families have genealogical details on the web (none yet found to be related to us), including the following:

A Suffolk family with this name has a web-site mostly about their collection of tins (see for yourself), but also with a genealogy back to the early nineteenth century.

In America, “Tom Bennett’s Family History” has few details, but some impressive generalizations.  Another site has fuller details of a Bennett family in Kentucky.

Others which I’ve not looked into yet are a Bennett site on Rootsweb, and a Somerset family.  There’s even a family in India, which includes a Bennett girl in Madras Female Asylum in 1839.

There are plenty of personal web-sites around as well, of course:

Joe Bennett is a “musician and writer” at Bath Spa University College;  Ian & Tracy Bennett live in Darlington but prefer Cornwall;  Keith Bennett runs a magic shop in the West Midlands;  Martin Bennett suggests that we visit an “online guide to urinal etiquette” – but, sadly, the link is broken;  Martyn Bennett is a Scottish musician, and I suspect that he’s married to singer & storyteller Margaret Bennett.

Perhaps the best-known Bennett family is fictional (and has the variant spelling) – the Bennet family of Longbourn in Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

Since none of the above looks likely to be much use, it’s good to know that there’s a wealth of other sites on the web to help you with your Bennett genealogical researches.


Do you know of any good sites to add to this page?   Please e-mail me if so!

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