Our own branch of the Bennett family is detailed elsewhere.

A small family of Bennetts in Tewkesbury and Berkeley looks interesting – not least because they had the good taste to use classical forenames, ‘Horace’ and ‘Seneca’, for some of their children:

William Seneca Bennett was born in 1850 in Tewkesbury.  He married Sarah (surname unknown, born 1844/5 in Witherley, Warwickshire).  The couple had at least two children:  William A, born in about 1874 in Cam, and Horace Seneca, born in Berkeley in 1880.  In 1881 the family were living at Lynch Lane, Hamfallow (Berkeley);  William was working as a “Miller Stoneman (Dresser)”.  Horace Seneca married Lily Rosenna Trotman at St Mary’s, Berkeley on 23 January 1910:  they had three children, the eldest of whom was another Horace Seneca.

With a surname as common as ‘Bennett’, there’s no guarantee, or even likelihood, that other Bennetts even in the same village are related to our family:

In 1861 a twenty-seven year old “licensed hawker” from Essex, William Bennett, was living with Matilda Embury at ‘Chapmans Lodging House’ in Long Street, Wotton-under-Edge.  Although she is recorded as his wife, and they had several children, they didn’t in fact get around to marrying until 1872.   She died in childbirth six years later – a few weeks after which he married a Lucy Stanley.  From the mid 1860s William lived in Cromhall, where he died on 10 April 1907, twelve days after fracturing his skull in a fall from a cart.


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