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Our Mousley family originates from the Warwickshire/Leicestershire border – quite possibly taking their name from the Leicestershire village of Mowsley (which is how the surname was often spelt).  I’ve not researched my branch of the family much yet, and so there are a large number of Mousleys from that neighbourhood whom I’ve not yet placed:  click here to read about them.

Apparently some other Mousleys are descended from a Welsh family of that name.

I’m not sure that there have been, or are, many famous Mousleys.  There are some interesting ones, though.   George Bennett Mousley was shot in cold blood during the Boer War:  the incident was eventually declared to be a war crime, but was never properly resolved.

As for living Mousleys:  Sara Mousley belonged to the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company for a year in the nineteen-seventies, earning her photo a place in their archives.  I liked the name Kirk Mousley when I found it on the web;  but the site (about “Semantic Interpretation in Linear Time in the ATIS Domain”) is entirely incomprehensible to me.  Amy Mousley is an artist in the United States.  There’s a Mousley Museum of Natural History in Yucaipa, California, founded by Louis B Mousley and his wife Mildred.

There don’t seem to be many Mousley home-pages on the web either:

American Karl Mousley has a pleasantly idiosyncratic site, which includes a sound-clip of him saying hello.    Meanwhile, in Australia, Judy Mousley teaches maths-education.

But of course there’s a wealth of other sites on the web to help you with your Mousley and other genealogical researches.

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