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Our branch of the Mousley family lived on the Warwickshire / Leicestershire border – follow this link to find out more about them.  Below are other Mousleys from that area whom I’ve not yet linked to our part of the family.

William “Mouseley” married Margarett Lawkine at Mancetter on 6 June 1608. [IGI]

William of Sheepy Magna married Margaret Vincent (also of Sheepy) in or after 1606.  [Leics bonds & allegations]

Frances married Richard Pixley at Mancetter on 5 December 1644. [IGI]

Anne married Thomas Wilday at Mancetter on 4 October 1657. [IGI]

Richard of Atherstone was assessed for Hearth Tax: he had three hearths in 1665, five in 1666 and four from 1670 to 1674.  At Easter 1675 he (or another Richard?) was fined 1/- at Dugdale Quarter Sessions for refusing to mend local roads and bridges.

Anne married Joseph Ludford at Mancetter on 14 October 1676. [IGI]

Benjamin married Elizabeth Dabs at Mancetter on 13 May 1680. [IGI]

An Elizabeth Mousley was baptized as an adult at Tamworth on 21 September 1700. [register]

Constancy married William Weaver at Mancetter in April 1697. [IGI]

Thomas & Benjamin (brothers) figure in their grandfather, Thomas Willington of Tamworth,’s will dated 1670.

Thomas married Mary Wall at Mancetter on 2 October 1701. [IGI]

Benjamin was buried at Tamworth on 15 August 1700. [register]

Benjamin married Margaret; and in his will of 1702 (proved 20 May 1704) he is described as being “of Atherstone” and refers to children Arthur, Benjamin and Elizabeth.  Margaret’s own will was proved on 4 August 1707, with the three children being described as “children in law”.

Robert “of Polesworth” married Mary: he died in 1709.

John married Ann, and they had a daughter Ann baptized at Mancetter on 10 July 1702. [IGI]

John married Mary Webster at Mancetter on 1 October 1694.  It was presumably this John & Mary who had children baptized there:  Elizabeth on 28 May 1704 and Benjamin on 29 May 1706. [IGI]   It may also be this John & Mary “of Atherstone” referred to when Admon of John’s estate was granted to his widow Mary on 1 May 1717:  there were three children.

Mary Mousley’s will, proved on 12 January 1724 refers to a daughter Sarah Ball, and her son Thomas, a son John Tovey and a daughter Mary Smith.  She herself was a widow when she died.

Thomas’s will proved 17 March 1726 at Lichfield refers to his widow Elizabeth, sister Mary Nicholls and the latter’s children Thomas, Elizabeth and Mary.

William “of Austrey” married Mary, and died intestate in 1728.

Elizabeth married William Tricklebank in 1718 at Thorpe Constantine.

Ann (surname unknown) married ? Smith.   After his death, and living in Austrey, she married William Mousley, a blacksmith, in Austrey on 26 January 1720:  both were “of this parish”.   On 1 April 1722 they had a daughter, Mary, baptized there. [registers]

Benjamin married Sarah Bat(e)man at Lichfield Cathedral (or in Clifton Campville?) on 7 May 1725.  He may well be the Benjamin who had a son Joseph baptized at Tamworth on 28 January 1728/9. [IGI]

Ralph married Ann at Clifton Campville on 17 October 1728.

Sarah (surname unknown) married ? Mousley, and made a will in 1736, in which she refers to children: Sarah Blower, Humphrey, Anne and William, of Austrey.  She was buried on 13 November at Austrey, and the will was proved on the 28th of that month.  It was very likely this Humphrey who married Elizabeth Spencer at Austrey on 30 June 1737, both being described as “of this parish”, and they had seven children baptized there:  another Humphrey on 2 (22?) August 1739, Sarah on 1 August 1744, Thomas on 16 February 1746/7, John on 2 February 1749, Richard on 28 December 1751 (?), Robert on 15 April 1754 and Samuel on 25 September 1757.  Humphrey died in 1758, being buried at Austrey on 15 November:  both then and at the time of his wedding he was described as a weaver.  The younger Humphrey married another Elizabeth, and they also had children baptized at Austrey: Elizabeth on 29 December 1763, Sarah on 27 May 1765, Robert on 4 June 1770, and Ann on 12 April 1773. [Registers & IGI]

Richard married Jane Towe on 1 August 1717, and they had children baptized at Mancetter:  Elizabeth on 4 January 1718, John on 8 January 1719, another Elizabeth on 29 December 1721 Richard on 17 April 1724, Robert on 28 October 1726, Benjamin on 21 September 1729 and Joseph on 21 September 1729.  It could well be this Richard, a “widower of Mancetter” who married Sarah Blake at St George the Martyr, Middlesex on 19 April 1731, and had a son Joseph baptized at Mancetter on 28 July 1732. [IGI]

John of Shenstone’s will made on 26 September 1743 and proved at Lichfield on 20 March 1753 refers to daughters Sarah (m. George Withers?), Anne (m. Daniel Short), Hannah (m. Andrew Weavroll), and sons William, Thomas and John;  also grandchildren William Wotton, Anne Willots and Jane the daughter of Joseph Willots.

Elizabeth of Tamworth’s will in 1742 refers to a son Thomas.

Samuel married Elizabeth, and they had three children baptized at Orton:  John on 25 June 1734, Thomas on 21 February 1736 and Samuel on 11 April 1739 [IGI].  This may be the Elizabeth whose will was proved on 31 August 1742, having died a widow, mentioning a son Thomas.

Ann “of Austrey” married Richard Harden of Orton, Leics at Austrey on 28 February 1737. [register]

Ann married John Murwood at Mancetter on 4 March 1742. [IGI]

Thomas of Grendon’s will was proved at Lichfield on 7 September 1756, admon being granted to his wife Anne.

Richard married Elizabeth and they had children baptized at Mancetter:  Joseph on 13 September 1741, Ann on 7 December 1742, Richard on 23 November 1744, Elizabeth on 3 March 1746 and John on 2 January 1748.  This John presumably died in infancy, because another John was baptized on 21 July 1752.  [IGI]

Mary married John Bowler at Austrey on 10 January 1747.

Joseph of Tamworth died on 15 April 1767 leaving a wife Ann and three children: Benjamin, aged between 7 and 21 and John, Joseph & Ann aged under 7.  Their guardian was to be Josiah Flavell of Clifton Campville.  Ann renounced Administration and the will was proved at Lichfield on 13 June 1767.

Joseph married Ann and they had eight children baptized at Mancetter: Sarah on 6 April 1756, Joseph on 29 April 1758, Richard on 19 October 1759, Robert on 11 September 1761, Samuel on 4 April 1764, James on 4 May 1766, Ann on 16 October 1769, and Mary on 25 March 1773. [IGI]

George married Sarah and they had a son, another George, baptized at Mancetter on 11 February 1763. [IGI]

Walter married Keriah (Keziah?), and they had a son, Samuel, baptized at Merevale on 8 March 1770. [IGI]

Mary was baptized at Austrey on 22 April 1770, the illegitimate daughter of John Mousley and Elizabeth Kelley. [IGI]

Ann married Thomas Gothard at Mancetter on 11 August 1771. [IGI]

Joseph married Sarah, and had children baptized at Mancetter:  Ann on 16 March 1777 and Joseph, baptized privately on 25 June 1780 and received into church on 16 July 1797. [register]

Thomas married Elizabeth Baker at Mancetter on 20 (17?) December 1768 [IGI], and they had seven children baptized at Mancetter:  Joseph on 6 April 1769, Thomas on 3 March 1771, Ann,baptized privately on 7 May 1776, another Thomas on 8 July 1777, Tom Baker on 28 July 1781, Harriet on 15 March 1783 and John on 30 December 1787. [register]

Ralph had an illegitimate son William (“Mousley or Sun”) by Sarah Sun, the child being baptized at Austrey on 4 September 1774.  [IGI]

Benjamin “of Seale House” had a daughter Mary who married Thomas Freer of Caldwell on 23 June 1800;  she died at Caldwell on 29 March 1825.

Richard married Elizabeth Whitworth at Mancetter on 21 January 1779. [IGI]

William married Mary, and had a son Charles, born 1781 in Clifton Campville, Staffs.

John of Maxstock’s will was proved at Lichfield on 14 January 1799, admon being granted to his son Thomas.

Sarah married John Marshall at Mancetter on 30 September 1784. [IGI]

Ann married Samuel Wilcox at Tamworth on 29 May 1785.

Ann married Thomas Neale at Mancetter on 14 May 1788.

Joseph married Catherine, and they had children baptized at Mancetter:  Ann on 3 June 1789 and received into church on 22 July of that same year, Catherine on 19 September 1790 and received on 22 November 1790, Mary on 17 September 1792, Joseph on 11 June 1794 and Jane on 8 January 1797. [register]  It was probably this Joseph, “son of Joseph” who was buried there on 21 June 1809 [register], and it was quite likely this Jane who married Thomas Brittan at Mancetter on 14 May 1819 [IGI]

Sheepy Poor Law Records: Bastardy Order.  Mousley Ann (child’s sex not recorded) Moore Joseph the Younger Indemnity bond of £100 from both Joseph Moore the elder and younger of Sheepy Magna 1 January 1784.

Mary married Thomas Ironmonger at Church Gresley on 19 March 1795, both “of this parish”.

Elizabeth was buried at Sheepy Magna on 16 January 1811.

Susannah married William Peears at Mancetter on 18 February 1787. [IGI]

Mary married Thomas Robinson at Mancetter on 7 November 1791. [IGI]

Samuel married Susannah, and they had children baptized at Mancetter:  Joseph on 27 November 1791, Elizabeth on 19 February 1792, Hannah on 29 June 1794, Sarah on 17 June 1796 and Mary on 9 January 1799.  It was probably this Hannah who married Thomas Biddle there on 31 October 1814, this Sarah who married William Biddle there on 30 April 1817 and this Mary who married Joseph Biddle there on 26 November 1820.  [register & IGI]

Thomas married Sarah Pickering at Mancetter on 16 December 1793. [IGI]

John married Elizabeth Martin at Mancetter on 25 May 1801.  It was probably this couple who had a son Thomas baptized there on 24 January 1810 and a daughter Cicely baptized there on 18 March 1812 and buried there on 2 May that same year. [registers]

Fanny married William Hear at Mancetter on 19 February 1804. [IGI]

Mary married William Smith at Sheepy Magna on 9 Oct 1805.

James married Elizabeth, and they had three children baptized at Sheepy Magna on 29 June 1812:  Harriet aged 5, Thomas aged 27 months?? and James aged 6 months.

Sarah married James Farmer at Mancetter on 30 September 1811. [IGI]

Joseph married Maria Chinn at Mancetter on 19 July 1813, and they had children baptized there:  Mary on 2 (6?) February 1814, Elizabeth on 13 April 1816 and Samuel on 7 October 1821 [register].   This may be the same Joseph & Maria who had children baptized at Austrey:   Hannah and Joseph on 19 September 1827 [IGI]

Mary was born in 1794/5 and buried at Sheepy Magna on 19 September 1823.

Joseph married Mary, and they had a daughter Mary baptized at Mancetter on 24 January 1819. [IGI]

Ann married Joseph Choyce at Mancetter on 18 March 1819 [IGI].

13 June 1820 John Mousley, Atherstone, Blacksmith (Master employing apprentice) [source?]

John married Hannah, and they had children baptized at Austrey: Catherine on 8 May 1820, John on 29 January 1822, William on 13 October 1823 and Benjamin on 22 December 1825. [register]

Sarah (surname unknown) was born in 1803/4 in Appleby Magna. She married ? Mousley, and they had a daughter Elizabeth A, born 1840/1 at Chilcote.  By 1881 Sarah was widowed, and living on “income from rent etc” at No Mans Heath, Warwickshire with her daughter.

John married Maria and they had two children baptized at Sheepy Magna on 20 July 1828:  Hannah and John.

John was born in Sheepy in 1808/9;  he married Patience (born 1798/9 Tamworth), and they had a son John baptized at Mancetter on 18 January 1829.  In 1851 John and Patience were living in Colehill, Tamworth:  John was working as a cabinet maker.  The younger John married Sarah (born 1824/5 in Tamworth), and in 1851 they were living with his parents, with John also working as a cabinet maker.

Maria married Robert Morrison at Mancetter on 24 October 1831 [IGI]

William West’s History, Topography & Directory of Warwickshire (1830) p 555:  Catherine Mousley, wine & spirit dealer, Atherstone.

James Mousley, “or Anslowe”, was baptized at Austrey on 5 November 1816 – the son of James Mousley and Hannah Anslowe. [IGI]

George was born in 1811/2 in Chilcote.  He married Catherine (born 1815/6 in Caldecote) and they had at least two children:   Catherine Blanche in 1842/3 and George William baptized at Atherstone on 7 January 1845.  In 1851 they were living in Long Street, Atherstone;  George was a surgeon [census].  George senior died on 29 June 1869 and George junior on 5 September that same year, aged just twenty-four;  they were buried at Clifton Campville.  Catherine is presumably the Catherine recorded as a widow living in Long Street, Atherstone on “interest of money” by the 1871 census, and ten years later as living with her unmarried niece Mary E Winberton at Brereton Place, Long Street, Atherstone.

William was born in Austrey in 1823/4.  He married Sarah (born Austrey in 1825/6) and they had three daughters, all born in the village:  Hannah in 1866/7, Jane in 1867/8 and Emma in 1871/2.  In 1881 they were still living in the village:  William was an agricultural labourer, while Hannah was a dressmaker’s apprentice.

Benjamin was born in 1833/4, his brother James in 1835/6 and his sister Elizabeth in 1843/4, all in Tamworth.  In 1881 they were still unmarried, living together at 5 Alexandra Road, Winshill, Derbyshire;   Benjamin and James were working as tailors.

In 1846 Bagshaw’s Trade Directory lists two of the “principal farmers” in Chilcote as being Richard Mousley and “Richard Mousley junior“”, while at Church Gresley William Eaton Mousley was “Lord of the Manor”.

John was born in 1843/4 in Netherseal, Leics.   He married Ann (born No Man’s Heath 1842/3), and they had a son William born in 1865/6 at No Man’s Heath.  In 1881 they were living at Netherseal with their nephew Robert Carte, born 1874/5 at Orton:  John was a farm labourer and William a farm servant.

George William was born in Hampstead in 1857.  He married Louisa Westell, and they had a son, George Thomas, born in 1882, also in Hampstead.  He married Helen, and they had a son, another George Thomas, born in 1904 at Fortune Green, Hampstead.  That George Thomas emigrated to Australia.

On 3 February 1880 Matilda married John Faulkner at Austrey. [IGI]


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